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Fran's Blogs/Vision/How To Create Your New Vision

Understanding your vision is so important. It's your plan for your future, your ideal life and it's what motivates you to keep moving forward.

Having clarity on your vision is the difference between living a medicore life and living an extraordinary life. 

My vision is to create a world of Freedom, Love, Peace, Connection, and Abundance.

As you see below, I have shared with you my vision board. I break it down into what I call the 4 quadrants of life.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Self
  • Social

If you feel like you lack time freedom - like you have little control over how you spend your time - then you’re not going to feel very happy most days. There’s that cliche that says money can’t buy you happiness. And that’s true. But when money is used correctly, it can buy you freedom.

When used incorrectly, it can make you less free. Therefore, so many corporate directors, CEOs, and even many multi-millionaires are often miserable. They have no freedom and no sense of control over how they spend their time and their lives.

Therefore, people with more flexible traditional careers, who make more modest incomes are often happier. To a degree, the way you earn your money is more important than how much money you make. Living a wealthy lifestyle is far more than just the amount of money that you make.

Taking care of your social life is something that requires a lot more than just agreeing to have a quick drink with an old friend or spending 20 minutes with your family at the park while staring at your smartphone, scrolling through social media. We all do it! It actually requires you to invest real time and effort and be present in the moment.

Let’s now talk about health. All the financial freedom and fulfilling relationships in the world won’t mean much if you don’t have your health.

Here’s a great example: Going down to the local hospital and asking someone on their deathbed if they’d rather have a few million dollars in their bank account or not be terminally ill anymore. I think we all know what the response will be.

We need what I call being in equilibrium or balance in all four of these areas to feel a genuine sense of contentment, fulfilment, and happiness in your life.

Here is a summary of each of the four areas of our lives:

Health - Your physical health is arguably the most important area. When you’re full of energy, vibrant and healthy, you have a firm foundation for your life to flourish. Being healthy includes the right exercise, nutrition, and mobility.

Wealth - All things financial, including your career, are included in this area. It’s also about diving into your mindset on money and identifying any roadblocks to the flow of abundance in your life. Learning to create value in the marketplace is also important if you’re serious about growing your influence and your finances.

Self - This refers to understanding yourself at an emotional level and practicing daily self-care rituals, which is the key to strong mental well-being. Life is easier to navigate when you can manage your emotions, and your mind.

Social - This area is all about your relationships, family, friendships, social life, hobbies, interests… and of course, FUN! Having fun often gets overlooked at the expense of everything else. Life is so much better when you prioritise your relationships and have a good time. Remember to live life to the fullest.

So, remember, when looking at your vision, be aware of all four areas, so you create a happy and fulfilling lifestyle and successful business.

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Fran Wilson

Hi, I Am Fran Wilson

I am a Powerful, Authentic, Loving Leader.

I stand for Growth, Freedom, and Transformation.

Welcome to my blog post page. Here you will find everything you need to know about my story, the resources, strategies, tool & technology that can help you transform your life. I am here to serve you to the best of my ability so you can live a life of freedom, peace, love, connection and abundance.