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Fran's Blogs/How To Create Daily Passive Income

What Are The VAV And ViDiLook Platforms?

Hello, and welcome to this how-to-guide, where I will show you a simple way to earn a passive income starting today so that you can live a life of finance freedom…Yes money in abundance. No previous experience or technical skills needed.

It works by using phone applications called VAV and ViDiLook.

VAV (Velocity Achieves Victory) is an international adverting distribution platform. It uses the US dollar (USDT) as the unified settlement currency. VAV is an innovative short video platform that aims to provide users with interesting and diverse video content, and motivate users to participate and interact through multiple revenue mechanisms. On VAV, users can browse short video content from various topics and fields, watch movies, like, share and other activities, and have the opportunity to obtain corresponding benefits or other benefits.

VAV combines the concepts of social media and earning money to provide a new kind of social experience. Users can obtain income by watching advertising videos, participating in promotional activities, and holding VAV tokens. The platform also uses intelligent recommendations algorithms to provide personalized video recommendations based on user interests and behaviours to improve user experience and increase revenue. Through continuous innovation and cooperation, VAV is committed to becoming a platform that benefits both users and content creators, and leads the development of the era of traffic monetization.

Money loves speed, which is why VAV is like no other platform out there. When you buy your membership today, you get 100% of your money back tomorrow, followed by profit. Your return on investment can be anything up to 5X…5 times what you invested in a matter of days. Hence the title Velocity Achieves Victory. For example, if you invest 1500 USDT, your daily revenue is 750 USDT and your total revenue shall be 7,500 USDT in 10 days.

ViDiLook is the older sibling of VAV and is a We-Media blockchain based platform that provides a share revenue model for its viewers, creators and advertisers.

With ViDiLook, we can post content, accurately place advertisements, and participate in traffic creation. This platform creates dividend sharing of We-Media traffic growth for all parties involved.You can earn an additional stream of income by simply watching ads via ViDiLook. However, your income level depends on your membership level. The higher the level, the higher the earnings you make. This is very easy to set up, which I shall take you through step-by-step now.

Registration Setup

To get started, you must complete the following registration steps:

1) To access the VAV web version app go to:

2) Click on "Mobile web version" or click the link below.

3) Copy the link to your mobile phone:

To get started, you must complete the following registration steps. Note: You MUST use your mobile phone to create your account.

4) Open the app on your mobile phone.

5) You shall see the login screen as shown.

6) Click "Sign up" and complete the following instructions.


7) Enter your best email address. This is the email that will be linked to your account.

8) Enter your unique invitation code: BQUKFE

9) Leave the "Verification code for email" blank, and hit "Send". This shall send a unique code to your email address. Go to your email and copy this code back into here.

10) Enter a memorable password.

11) Click "Sign up"

12) When logged in, you shall see the following page.
13) The subscribe tab towards the top is where you can purchase your subscriptions. These subscriptions can vary and do come with promotional discounts.
14) The other important tabs are the four across the bottom (Home, Assets, Ads, Profile)


This brings you back to the screen shown here.


This shows your total asset value and provides you with a breakdown of your currencies, i.e. USDT, USD, and any tokens or coins.


This is where you watch the video ads and earn your money.


This is where you can view your user profile, see your invitation code, your team members, clear your cache and so much more...

14) Click on "Subscribe" to view your available memberships.

15) Here you will see a list of subscriptions that are available to you. Note: These are subject to change.

10-Star⭐️: 50 USDT - Returns 10X: 100 USDT & 400 USD 

9-Star⭐️: 150 USDT - Return 9X: 300 USDT & 1,050 USD 

8-Star⭐️: 500 USDT - Return 8X: 1,000 USDT & 3,000 USD 

7-Star⭐️: 1500 USDT - return 7X: 3,000 USDT & 7,500 USD


Yes, that's right. You get all of your money back the very same day.

❤️When you purchase the 10-Star (50 USDT) package you shall received 500 (100 in USDT and 400 USD) - Guaranteed.

🧡When you purchase the 9-Star (150 USDT) package you shall received 1,350 (300 in USDT and 1,050 USD) - Guaranteed.

💛When you purchase the 8-Star (500 USDT) package you shall received 4,000 (1,000 in USDT and 3,000 USD) - Guaranteed.

💚When you purchase the 7-Star (1,500 USDT) package you shall received 10,500 (3,000 in USDT and 7,500 USD) - Guaranteed.

Note: Before you can join, you will need to buy USDT from a cryto-currency exchange. I have explained this in more detail below.

16) If you want to download the ViDiLook app onto your phone, this is done just like downloading any other app that you use, through the Google Play store on your android or app store on your iphone.

17) Open the app, and you shall see the following screen. Note: Because VAV and ViDiLook are linked, you only have to do the set up one. Use the same login details. But if you haven’t created your account with VAV, you will need to do it here in ViDiLook.


18) Go into the app and get familiar with the layout, tabs, and information.

19) Now it’s time to buy some blockchain assets, so you can start making money and earning a passive income.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Setup

20) To be able to use the VAV and ViDiLook apps, you must first register with an approved cryptocurrency exchange, such as Crypto.comBinanceMoonPay, or HyperPay.

Note: If you sign up to using the link above, you will be rewards with $25 into your account.

21) Please register with one or all of these. Note: This shall require an Identification verification. So please ensure you have your passport available. This verification only needs to be completed once. It is to verify that you are who you say you are.

How To Buy USDT

22) There are many cryptocurrency exchanges out there, but the ones I recommend are Binance or MoonPay. This is where you can purchase your cryptocurrency.

The currency we require for VAV and VidiLook is USDT.

I’ll use MoonPay as an example, as I have used this to purchase my USDT.

23) As I said, register you account and verify your identity.

24) Select your own currency. In the “I want to buy” drop-down menu, you must select USDT on the Tether (TRC-20) network. Let’s say you want 500 USDT, adjust your own currency to give you this 500 USDT. Click “Continue”.

25) MoonPay will now ask you to enter the TRC20 Payment Address.

To find this, go back to your VAV or ViDiLook app, click on the “Asset” tab at the bottom of the screen, click on “deposit” in the top left-hand side.

You will see a screen that looks like this. Click “Copy”.


- Please do not send any non-TRC20-USDT assets to the above address. This will result in loss of assets that cannot be retrieved.

- After you have deposited assets to the above address, the network will need to confirm the deposit before your account will be credited.

- The minimum deposit is 10 USDT. Sending less than 10 USDT will result in a loss of funds that will not be credited to your account.

26) Go back to MoonPay and enter this into the Payment Address field.

27) Follow the steps to complete your order. You shall get an email with a transfer receipt, which confirms it is now in your VAV or ViDiLook account.

28) Go back to VAV and ViDiLook and confirm the total value. This can be found in the Assets tab.

How To Play Video Ads & Make Money

29) Click on the “Ads” tab at the bottom of the screen. If the ads don’t play automatically, then click the play button in the middle of the screen. Simple as that! There is a mute button so you don’t have to listen to them. In fact you don’t even have to sit and watch them. You can carry on with your day.

You will see 3 key parameters at the top of the screen (ViDiLook).

Daily Available – Maximum income based on your active subscriptions.

Received Revenue – What you have earned so far today.

Remaining Revenue – Outstanding revenue to earn today.

⭐️ It is advised to run this application on a laptop in a new incognito window in Chrome.

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