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I would like to share my own story, my journey in life and provideclarity on my ideal business client.

My ideal client is someone who experiences rejectionand abandonment in their life. They feel their life is unworthy and no onetakes them seriously. They have no self-worth, no self-love.

They suffer the pain and hurt from multiple job losses from global brands and failed, toxic,broken intimate relationships.

Their partner does not believe in what they’re doing…the vision, the dream they’re designing and engineering. They feel they’re the only one who is 100% committed to the relationship, doing everything they can, but getting nothing in return…no gratitude, no acknowledgment, or recognition.

Their partner turns their back on them and shows zero support, love, compassion, and affection.

Their heart is then ripped out and destroyed by their friend...soul mate for many years who has just walked out on them for no reason

They have been living in denial, in a toxic relationship for so many years, with an abusive partner (narcissistic, emotional bullying) and they’re now mentally and emotionally exhausted from the manipulation and control. They can’t seem to process what has happened.

They even live away from their children, due to the same or another failed relationship with their children’s mother.

All of this is taking its toll, and they’re now at breaking point. It is running them into the ground. If they do nothing, their mental health and their physical health will deteriorate. They feel their life is an illusion.

They are crying out for support…someone to talk to…someone who relates to this pain and suffering. They’re looking for hope and the belief that they can move on and design the happy life that they deserve, with self-love in abundance.

Their Pains & Problems

  • They’re living and working in an unfulfilled job, career, and lifestyle.
  • ​They have experienced multiple job losses and contract terminations.
  • ​They have no job security for their family.
  • ​They feel like just a number in their corporate job.
  • ​They don’t feel valued in their career.
  • ​Their voice is not being heard and listened to by anyone.
  • ​The experience failed, judgemental, and toxic intimate relationships.
  • ​They are manipulated, emotionally bullied and controlled.
  • ​They suffer from financial insecurity and significant debt.
  • ​They have no quality time with family.
  • ​ Their family is not protected with recession-proof income strategies.
  • ​They’re missing out on seeing their children grow up.
  • ​They have limited freedom and flexibility in their life.
  • ​They feel completely rejected and trapped in life.
  • ​They don’t have the money and time to focus on their passions and interests.
  • ​They don’t have the skills to do something different.
  • ​They don’t have the confidence to reach out for help.
  • ​They don’t have the confidence to build new relationships.
  • ​They don’t believe they will ever have financial security or time freedom.
  • ​They don’t feel like they’re good enough to build a successful life.
  • ​They don’t feel like themselves anymore.
  • ​They can’t show up for their kids in the way they would like.
  • ​They can’t afford a family holiday or believe they deserves one.
  • ​They feel they must work harder just to pay the bills and survive.
  • ​They feel they have nothing to show for their hard work.
  • ​They feel no one is taking them seriously.
  • ​They feel completely exhausted, burnt-out and at breaking point.
  • ​They feel like tapping out on life.

Their Fears

  • They will never be in a loving, intimate relationship ever again.
  • ​They will grow old alone and resentful.
  • ​They will never find someone that loves them for who they truly are.
  • ​They will never be able to trust anyone ever again.
  • ​They will lose another great job that they’re passionate about.
  • ​Everyone will stop believing in them and their ability to succeed.
  • ​No one will take them seriously anymore.
  • ​Their children will disown them and not want them in their life.
  • ​Their health will deteriorate to a life-threatening and life-changing state.
  • ​They will be trapped in their unfulfilling career for the rest of their life.
  • ​They are in constant fear of rejection.
  • ​They will never be able to provide for their family the way they want to.
  • ​They will never be able to see their kids grow up.
  • ​They will never be able to take their kids on holidays.
  • ​They will never have the money or time to focus on their passions and interests.
  • ​They will go through life just surviving, and not thriving.


  • They’re coming to the realisation that their life is quickly passing them by with no real meaning or fulfilment behind it. They recognise that their lack of money, failed jobs and failed relationships are causing so much stress and anxiety.
  • ​They no longer know who they are anymore...They have lost their identity and purpose in life. They have lost that fire inside of them and they’re desperately trying to get it back before it’s too late.

Their Wants & Desires

  • They want to experience complete freedom…Freedom from toxicity, bullying, manipulation, and psychological trauma.
  • ​They want to be in complete control of their own destiny.
  • ​They want to turn their dream and vision into their reality.
  • ​They want to feel loved, appreciated, acknowledged, respected, and trusted by everyone in their life.
  • ​They want to raise their standards and build new boundaries in their life to protect themselves and their family.
  • ​They want to build a balanced lifestyle (Health, Wealth, Self, and Social)
  • ​They want unlimited personal freedom (time, financial & geographical).
  • ​They want to transform their life.
  • ​They want financial stability for their family.
  • ​They want to take their life to the next level, with personal growth.
  • ​They want a “growth” mindset instead of a “fixed poverty” mindset.
  • ​They want to feel happy, appreciated, loved, and valued.
  • ​They want to discover their true purpose in life.
  • ​They want to feel included in a team, community, and a loving relationship.
  • ​They want to invest in themself, by being committed to personal growth.
  • ​They want to be their own boss & write their own paycheck.
  • ​They want to work smarter, not harder.
  • ​They want to remove the weight of the world from their shoulders.
  • ​They want to invest in properties around the world for their family.
  • ​They want to feel relaxed and at peace with themself.
  • ​They want to feel like who they were born to be.
  • ​They want to be their true authentic self.


  • To have a success business that works for them, meaning they have more time with the things they’re passionate about.
  • ​To live a successful life with a thriving business that their family are proud of.
  • ​To have raving fan clients who refer their business to everyone.
  • ​To be recognised globally and to be an inspiring and empowering leader to others.
  • ​To live their best life of unlimited freedom and support, coaching others to reach their goals.
  • ​To be in a happy, healthy, loving intimate relationship and to feel truly loved.
  • ​To have their partner support them 100% in everything they do in life and be proud of them.
  • ​To live a life of confidence, peace, and joy in abundance and to feel unstoppable.


  • ​Waking up every morning knowing they’re serving other people, transforming their lives.
  • ​Knowing they’re making money 24/7, 365 days a year on complete autopilot, with their hyper profitable online business.
  • ​To have unlimited freedom and flexibility in their life to do whatever they want.
  • ​To spend quality time with their family.
  • ​To have peace of mind in every area of their life.
  • ​To have a worldwide property portfolio, which is fully paid off.
  • ​To be in a happy and loving intimate relationship.
  • ​To feel completely relaxed and at peace, full of joy, happiness & fulfilment.
  • ​To feel like the person they were born to be.
  • ​To be living their vision.

As I said, this is a summary of my own story. I know we all have a different and unique story, but If you resonate with any of this, then let me know.

Let’s have a chat. I’m here to support you.

I know I’m not the only one who experiences this. This is a painful journey, but the pain can end now by working together.

I am building a new loving, Life Transformation Academy just for you that is a safe-space, judgement-free environment where you will be in a community of like-minded, passionate, powerful leaders, who are on a mission to create a world of Freedom, Love, Peace, Connection, and Abundance.

If you’re ready for transforming your life by playing a bigger game, and you’re looking for a tribe of leaders and champions to hold you high and accountable, then please consider this with an open mind.

I have 1:1 coaching programs, that start with an 8-week foundation program. This is personalised to you and is the framework for your vision.

If you would like more time with me coaching you, and supporting you, then we can look at the 6-month and 12-month options that are available to you as well. This is completely flexible to meet your requirements.

Click the button below to learn more about my Life Transformation programs.

  • WEEK 1: We dive straight into your vision & your "WHY"
  • WEEK 2: We review your life & business requirements
  • WEEK 3: We dive into tools, technology & other resources
  • ​WEEK 4: We create your "Ideal Life Shopping Basket"
  • WEEK 5: We build a business plan for your goals (blueprint)
  • WEEK 6: We create magic with these Ideal Life Ingredients
  • WEEK 7: We have a Q&A session & overcome challenges
  • WEEK 8: We review your life & discuss next steps

If you would prefer to have a chat first, feel free to book your FREE vision call with me.

I'm here to support you.

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Fran Wilson

Hi, I Am Fran Wilson

I am a Powerful, Authentic, Loving Leader.

I stand for Growth, Freedom, and Transformation.

Welcome to my blog post page. Here you will find everything you need to know about my story, the resources, strategies, tool & technology that can help you transform your life. I am here to serve you to the best of my ability so you can live a life of freedom, peace, love, connection and abundance.