My Name Is...

Fran Wilson

I Am A Powerful, Authentic, Loving Leader

I Stand For Growth, Freedom & Transformation


I was born in Luton, England in March 1983.
I was put into foster care the day I was born.
I was adopted into a loving family
I am the youngest of 3 siblings
We were all adopted from 4 different families.
Our family moved to County Kerry in Ireland in 1984. 

I Am A Powerful, Authentic, Loving Leader...


I studied Mechanical Engineering in Dublin, Ireland and qualified with a Diploma in 2003.
In 2003, I moved to the UK on my own and studied a Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Engineering.
In 2005, I studied a Master's Degree in Motorsport Vehicle Dynamics.

I Stand For Growth, Freedom & Transformation...


I worked for large global brands including Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes AMG High Performace Powertrain as a Test & Development Engineer.
I have worked on many projects such as transmission & driveline systems, chassis suspension systems, air-to-air flight refueling systems.
One of my last projects was working on the Mercedes AMG Project One hypercar. 
I am constantly learning new skills and I am reskilling in Digital Marketing and many online business strategies.

I Am A Powerful, Authentic, Loving Leader...


I have two daughters, who I no longer live with.
Faith is 13 years old.
Zara is 11 years old.
I have one full biological sisters who is 5 years older than me.
I have two half sisters, Lucie and Debbie who are younger than me. I only them for the first time in the summer of 2016.
I also met my biological mother for the first time in 2016.

I Stand For Growth, Freedom & Transformation...


My biggest passion is motorsport.
I love to watch F1, MotoGP, Britsh Superbikes and anything that goes fast!
The best things I have done are motorbike track days.
I also enjoy socialing and hanging out with friends.
I enjoy going for walks in the morning and watching the sunrise.